East 23rd Street PAC Neighborhood Association

The East 23rd St. Pac Neighborhood is a non-profit organization. . We are committed to serving the needs of familes in the most poverty stricken neighborhoods in the 3rd District of Kansas City Missouri. We are volunteers that represents residents, business owners, and public service agencies. We bring together the business community, residents of all ages and the faith community to tackle the components that faces our community. Here are some of the issues that our community faces every day. Crime/violence, lack of education, jobs, housing, economic development, drugs, guns, poor health, hopelessness, homelessness and mental health just to name a few.

       Pac supports                The Boys-n-Girls Club            JD Wagner Unit 

Business Sustainability & Growth

We strive to attract new business to our neighborhood that provides needed services and commodities. Increase job opportunities for the youth and adult residents of our community, cultivate and increase business opportunities for businesses. Attract new business to our neighborhood that provides needed services and commodities. Increase job opportunities for the youth and adult residents in our community. 

Pac's Youth Development

Revive, recapture, model and promote what made previous generations successful and ready for the future. Mentoring Program. Business-Community Youth Workshops. Internships/Apprenticeships. Summer Job Programs

The 24th St. Corridor Project

This house located at 4316 E 24th St. will be the first of 5 house in the 24th St. Project. Thanks to collaboration and partnership with the City & Landbank. This project will become a reality and have an domino effect in our area.  


Vice President/Treasurer

  Rachel Riley:                                                   Ms. Rachel Riley has volunteered her service and passion to her community for the last 13 years. Rachel has taken the leadership role after her mother (Joyce Riley) former President of 11 years. Rachel has been consistant in addressing crime and empowering our youth. She has brought in economic development, housing and ownership to our community.  She is diligent in addressing our education system. She is putting youth to work by implementing skills to work on projects in our neighborhood. She works hard to make our community a viable and liveable safe place to call home.
Sharlonda Riley:                                              MsSharlonda is passionate about her position and handles it with care. She brings new ideas to the neighborhood. She is working on the first Housing Development Project that the neighborhood has ever seen. She brings great ideas to the table that are being implemented in our community today. She also handles all financial aspets of the organiztion.  She is truly an asset to our organization and we welcome her with open arms.

Sergeant Of Arms


Betty Morris:                                                    Betty Morris keeps order. If members or a attendee is disruptive, she might not stand for it. Betty's role may involve some administrative tasks such as collecting ballots, tallying votes and recording attendance. She has a tendency to out work many during our neighborhood clean-up. She is very special to our neighborhood and community.
​Rochelle Shelton:                                               Ms. Shelton plays a supportive role in our organization. She volunteers to undertake a variety of administrative and clerical tasks. She works hard keeping members on task and informing the community on up coming events. She helps keep the organization running smoothly and in order.
The East 23rd St. Pac

East 23rd St. Pac Neighborhood Association Contact: East23rdStPac.com. 1512 Van Brunt Blvd, Kansas City Mo. 64127. Call @ 816-405-0195.  We're looking forward having you on our Team!